Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Look

Untitled but based upon a painting bequeathed to me by my good friend John F.'s family, origin unknown
Oil on canvas
79.5cm x 99.5cm

At this summer's art show I joked about the world needing another picture of an antlered animal. Of all the pictures I've ever done, this was the most against my will. If you saw the original work of art you'd be surprised to find a realistic and moving experience. Somehow I painted what my friend was right to call "Hanna-Barbara", a style that could not communicate what was so obvious. I mean, I think it looks like a moose-thing being shot in the neck--but it's caribou, which I've never seen and can only imagine.

A few postings back you'll find that I dedicated this painting to Chagall.

Possible titles:

What's that smell, Blood?
The Heft of Life
"It's A Trap!"

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