Thursday, October 15, 2015


I was given a canvas recently from Mike from someone I barely know and so I painted this picture for her. It's called "The Devil's Advocate" and I hope everyone listening knows just what that means when someone says it. Me? I never agreed with the whole concept of The Devil's Advocate. Here, in this painting I have comically suggested that it's as if a woman shows off her legs--but I hope that my painting suggests more than that . . .

Well, Mike, if you you get around to reading this then let's offer her this painting at cost. This is a canvas with it's root in Christian charity and a love of one's neighbour. So, a week on the easel thinking about it ($20) the idea that it would be "the devil's advocate" ($10) the first glimpse (the drawing) ($6) the painting (4 hours @ $25/hour [that includes meals throughout]). Total: $136. But if the wonderful woman who started all this doesn't want it then I think it's one of my better paintings and so, money will have it, Mike you will, I think concur, that it should be up in the half-a-grand range.

The Devil's Advocate
Oil on canvas
16x20 inches

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