Tuesday, March 27, 2018

40 Paintings, An Art Book

Well, it's been awhile . . . I published 10 copies of this book, 40 Paintings, Christmas 2017. 5 softcover and 5 hardcover. I've sold two copies, some have gone to family and the remainder are available at Mikreations in Virgil Ontario.

They were expensive to print in such a small quantity and are for sale $90 for a hardcover and $70 for a softcover.

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  1. hello

    just reviewed latest release on bandcamp: same idea as last release - not very new and you seem to be taking fewer and fewer risks in your work like learning a scale or keeping some sense of harmony; you know, basic stuff - but the effort is still there and I guess that's the important thing

    but I have been checking out some your latest paintings and I am really impressed by a couple of them - and I see your bromance with evan has evolved into a portrait (sort of)of him - you 2 must be having a great time collaborating - good for you!